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Tyres to suit southern Spain (Switchbacks)

Pieman_remedy9Pieman_remedy9 Posts: 23
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Im going to Switchbacks in May and need some advice on tyre choice, the tyres i have or will have on my bike are the Bontrager Jones ACX, 26x2.35"; 120 tpi, folding. These didnt get great reviews when the Trek Remedy was tested in Mexico. I will be going tubeless and im not to bothered about the price as i want to get the best out of the holiday. Any advice would be greatly apriciated. Regards Simon


  • Thanks for the advice, Simon
  • jaccusejaccuse Posts: 4
    I'm in Spain at Switchbacks first week of May, last year I rode 2.35 Ignitors with Maxxis freeride tubes, no flats, much fun.

    This year Stans No-Tubes on 2.35 High Rollers.

    Maybe see you there.


  • Cheers Chris, i'll be there from the 7th to the 14th. Looks like im not going to get my Trek Remedy untill mid May now so looks like i will be riding my old Liquid. I have verticals on this so im not sure whether to change or not. Think ill do a bit of head scratching before i go and decide nearer the time. Maybe see you there,
    Cheers Simon
  • jaccusejaccuse Posts: 4
    I'm there 3rd to the 10th so we should see each other, I'm on a silver Yeti 575.

    I would say on some of the trails out there that there is a lot of razor sharp rocks, waiting to slice sidewalls. Didn't happen to me but the guys we rode with slashed a couple tyres, so I would def pack something to repair gashes with, and choose a tyre that doesn't have to thinner sidewalls. I think gaffer tape was the chosen weapon of repair at the time.

    See you for a beer and downhills then.

  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    jaccuse wrote:
    I'm on a silver Yeti 575.

    You lucky fecker!
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