ANTIGUA - take my road bike?

Hi Chaps

I'm off to Antigua for 10 days at the end on April and was thinking of taking my road bike. Don't want to miss that much training but am worried the roads might not be suitable, either due to the surface or the motorists!

Any pointers very welcome, many thanks


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  • Kléber
    Kléber Posts: 6,842
    Go for it. Many of the locals ride and there's are big US air and communications bases there and quite a few of the staff ride. So plenty of cyclists. Cycling is popular across the caribbean. Local drivers go fast and pass close but it's not that dangerous. The island is small but there's no coastal road all the way around. Just aim to avoid St Johns and the area to the north of it, it's too crowded. The best roads are towards the south of the island.