painful quads

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can anyone give me some advice.

I seem to get alot of lactic acid build up in my quads very quickly on hills. this is always the main problem i have ,i dont get out of breath and my heart rate is fine its just my quads.

would more stretching help before and after i cycle? i commute 6 days a week on a 22 mile round trip and try to push myself on every trip would it be better if i had more rest days?

i have some long rides comming up soon and would like to try to get on top of the problem before i do them as i could see it making the rides difficult.i had a 4 month break from cycling last year and the problem seems to be much worse now after the break .could it just be that my legs are weaker now?



  • Pooter
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    How tall are you / or more importantly what's your leg length, and what size crank lengths do you use? Going down a size may help. Do a search on google for articles.
  • Bronzie
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    Do you warm-up before you push yourself on your rides? Going flat out from the start can leave you with heavy legs. Ride the first 10 mins easy and gradually increase your pace to give your muscles time to adjust to the workload.

    Could also be as you say you need an easy day or two each week - rest is as important as the training in gaining fitness. Try riding every 3rd day at a very easy pace to see if this helps.
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    As Bronzie says warm up and increase the workout gradually. It's the same for all sports