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Bar Bag and hydraulic brakes

philkeeblephilkeeble Posts: 107
edited March 2008 in Tour & expedition
I have a Trek MTB that I use for touring and wish to add a bar bag. The problem is that the XT integrated shifter/brake levers have hydraulic reservoirs and hydraulic line connections that extend almost up to the stem bar clamp and pass directly in front of it. Does anyone know of any bar bag clamp that is compatible with this rig-up? My wife's Ortleib bag mount certainly isn't as there is solid plastic where the brake lines want to be. Rotating the levers dosen't give any appreciable extra clearance.

Phil, in Inverurie


  • PHcpPHcp Posts: 2,748
    Have you got any spacers on the steerer? If so you might be able to use an extension bar to fit any bar bracket on. Like this one; ... orn_xl.jpg

    Otherwise there are some cheap bags that fit with velcro straps, which might work.
  • philkeeblephilkeeble Posts: 107
    Thanks PHCP, looks like this will nail it as I do have 32 mm of spacers.

    Phil, in Inverurie
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