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colsibobcolsibob Posts: 57
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Anyone done any biking in Corfu.

Going in May.

Any info welcome....


  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    I once hired a cheap bike and rode to the top of the highest mountain (on the road).

    We were planning to ride back down offroad on the wide jeep tracks - but I got a puncture in the first half mile and realised I'd forgotten a pump - so had to ride all the way back to Roda on the front rim.

    Hope you have better luck than me!
  • FullyFully Posts: 257
    Try these guys:

    They are based in Dassia, i was going to hook up with them when i was there last year, but i was on my honeymoon on the other side of the island and couldn't sneak off :?
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