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Im a Newbie

jaydee100ukjaydee100uk Posts: 4
edited March 2008 in MTB beginners
Hey everyone am all new to this so any kind of advice will be much appriceiated (if thats how you speel it) i have recently just bought myself a mongoose tyax elite 2008 and at the moment dnt think i have pushed it to its limits, but there again im jst starting out again after around 8 years not riding a bike. i am jst after a few questions being answered or beingpointed in the rigt direction,

firstly how should i clean my bike at the moment iv just been using a hose at the moment?

also i am driving to france in july and am wanting to take my bike with me, i am wundering if any1 can tell me if it cost any extra on the ferry? also can any1 recommend a good cycle rack for a vectra hatchback 2003 if any1 can help would be much appriceiated. :D


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