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kona stinky rocker arms

stuconstucon Posts: 361
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hello chaps

just had a mate on the phone who has an 06 stinky (like myself) and guess what!!??!?! yes thats right, one of his rocker arms has snapped... shock horror!!

ok, so i have a few questions that im hoping you can help me with!

1. will kona replace them free of charge as there was a known problem with the 06 rockers..

2. if so who do i need to speak to?? i.e any kona dealer or kona them selfs?

3. will the rockers on the 07 stinky go on the 06, as they look like they are more man for the job....

4. should i replace the ones on my stinky?? they have not snapped yet but now its happened to someone i ride with who does the same kind of stuff i do im thinking it will just be a matter of time.... although he did get his stinky right at the beginning of 06 and i got mine at the end, from what i hear by that time they had addressed the problem...

anyone know if there is any way of telling whether i have the upgraded ones on my bike or not??? coz im fcuked if i can see any difference!!!!

any help would be great!!! :wink:



  • skylinerskyliner Posts: 613
    You need to get them warrantied by the dealer who sold the bike. But as the frame only comes with a 12mth warranty, it may be difficult to get them now.
    Have a word with with the dealer, and ask them to get in touch with Paligap. They're really good with stuff like this, and will usually sort it promptly.
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