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Companions wanted - Eastern Europe - June(ish) 2008

irishandy25irishandy25 Posts: 8
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My name is Andrew and I am a 24 year old guy from Belfast. I am planning on riding from France through Eastern Europe and down to Istanbul (and possibly further). I am looking for people who would like to join me for part or all of the way. I will probably head off around June time but I am flexible on dates...

I will probably camp quite a bit but I don't mind staying in hostels or private accommodation in eastern Europe (basically as it wont break the bank).

Give me a shout if you are inerested....



  • murcofmurcof Posts: 30
    I had been planning an that exact trip for May, but now I'm not! My contract at work was due to be up, but now it's been extended so I'm staying on for while, though maybe I shouldn't be. I was going to post asking for company for that as well.

    I'm sure it will be a great trip. I cycled from Slovenia back to the UK last summer, camping all the way and it turned out very cheap. I like your 'and possibly further' comment - that's exactly what I would have in mind if I was definitely doing a trip that far. My ultimate planin terms of cycle touring is to one day cycle from the UK to south east Asia, maybe within the next couple of years or so.

    What countries are you planning on riding through? I will say that the Dolomites are a must if you're in that area, maybe leaving your gear at a camp site and getting a few unloaded rides in - can't beat those passes!
  • Don't do it...just leave your job and come travelling!

    I was thinking of going from France (possibly Cherbourg) into Germany and follow the path of the Danube through Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Romania then turing down into Bulgaria then onto Turkey. Although, I am pretty open to route suggestions. I went through a lot of eastern europe a couple of years ago and I would love to go back to a few places - Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro were excellent.

    Yeah, I am thinking of going on through to Iran then flying to India (I am a bit unsure of cycing through Pakistan)...doing a loop of India then up to Nepal....then who knows??
  • Love the idea, was thinking London Istanbull, my self through eastern europe but this summer I got involved with some of my old crew , chain saw carving shows, so I am going to help them all over the UK this summer, which means cycling all over GB, mind you if the summer turns out to be Cxxp then might take you up..
  • Hi Andy,
    I'm in the middle of planning a RTW trip which was meant to start in May, but I've had to put it back a couple of months. My original plan was to go across the US then down to Central and Latin America, but it looks as though I'm going to have to go East as I don't fancy freezing my nuts (and bolts) off cycling through an American winter. My Eastern route is pretty similar to yours and I'll be aiming for Nepal (where I've spent 6 months in the recent past). I aim to stay there for a while before continuing around the world.

    I'm from Dublin, male, 38 years old and am currently living in London. I've set up a website for the trip and you can have a look at it here:

    I've just ordered a new bike and it's going to take 10 weeks to be built and I've "got" to go to a gig in early July, so I think I'm looking at middle of July before I get going. I'm up for visiting Iran and Pakistan as I've had a number of friends ride back from Nepal on motorbikes and they have raved about the hospitality they received.

    I'm planning on mainly stealth camping with the odd B&B along the way - gotta charge the batteries somehow! How are you progressing with your plans?
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