ammount of training.

Mark Alexander
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For the last few months I, like many others seemed to be a little down with all this weather :(
I was convinced that it was having an effect on my riding. :)
I use an HRM when I ride and put the info on an Excel spreadseet [sad I know :oops: ]
I thought that I had not been putting the miles in and I was weaker than last year.

I took a look at my "07 data and have realised that although the weather seemed better last Jan/Feb/Mar, all my excersise bar 2 rides was done in the gym!

I have also found that my resting HR is 7bpm lower. :D

This has had a great effect on my moral and confidence. I've been out in the bad weather and shaken it off like never before!

Has anyone els foun this?

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