Any Edinburrers? Edin Bikes sale (edin branch only!)

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Apparantly for this weekend it's 10% off everything at the Edinburgh Bikes shop in Bruntsfield!

Not online, or any of the other shops, but because of the refurbishment they've done - you have to be there physically!

Am going in to get my Tricross Sport, woo hoo! Also all the bits and bobs!


  • niblue
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    I can't think of anything I actually need - but I might pop in anyway! I'm rebuilding a few of the bikes this weekend (Cotic Soul is going back from rigid singlespeed to geared with suspension forks, Inbred is going from rigid geared commuter with slicks to off-road singlespeed & my Epic is going on a diet) so I might well end up finding a need for a few bits!

    I think you'll enjoy the Tricross Sport. After a week of commuting on mine so far I've found that it matches what I wanted almost perfectly.
  • TheBoyBilly
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    It was a toss-up between a 2007 Langster and a TriCross for me. I don't regret my decision but I think my knees do sometimes :?
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  • tardington
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    Heh! I was v tempted by both of those, but my commute to work is entirely up hill...

    Got my bike on order! Also got a blackburn rack, and bottle cages (silver). And black mudguards. And I may have stopped by to get one of the Altura Fusion seatpacks today, mainly cos they look cool. :D
  • niblue
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    Better not park our bikes side-by-side as only the bottle cages will tell them apart (mine are black Speclialized ones) - the rack on mine is also a Blackburn one!
  • tardington
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    Did you have it parked outside the bank in Comiston this morning? That was me cycling past very slowly and peering at it!
  • cee
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    I use edbikes in emergency situations only. I find it in general, to be on the expensive side. 10% off will bring the proces inline with prices available elsewhere!
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