Need help choosing first road bike

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Looking for my first proper road bike. Very much doubt I will ever be racing on it so it just for the odd evenings and one day at the weekend. Looking for something half decent prefer something with a good frame and lower spec componants so it's cheaper to upgrade. Not to bothered if it comes with either a tripple or a double as I can swap that. So far I have looked at,

Giant SCR 1 had a quick ride nothing to compare it too though.
Giant SCR C4 only looked at on the net , would like to see one in the flesh.
Cannondale Synapse 105 Triple hopefully test riding sometime this weekend.
Trek 1.5 or 1.7 only looked at in the shop.

Any other suggestions, not Specialized though don't really like them.

What about the Scott Speedsters ?

Also sizing, I'm 5'5" - 5'6" inside leg is 30" ish give or take.

Tried the SCR in a Small (46.5cm) ?
Sat on the Cannondale 51cm think this was the size I needed ?

The SCR C4 do I really need a carbon bike ?



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    specialized allez... got mine a couple of weeks ago.. my first road bike and im over the moon with it.
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    SCR in Small (46cm) sounds right for you, though reach to the bars is just as important as height.

    SCR 1 is 10 speed, SCR 2 is 9 speed, SCR 3 is 8 speed. Frame is the same on all SCRs.

    AFAIK I wouldn't advise upgrading the gears on these because the STI gear/brake levers would need to be replaced and that's the most expensive part of the groupset. I have an SCR 2 triple and am very happy with it. Looked at other makes but the Giants ticked the boxes - great spec for the money, I like the compact frame styling and colours. I'm sure carbon is great but significant money over the same thing in a standard alu frame.

    First upgrades are usually tyres and wheels.

    Have you looked at LeMond Tourmalet? I like the look of those.
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    You really ought tthink about looking at the Specialized Allez

    Good frame etc for upgrading.....

    However, from that choice, I'd go for TREK

    Good frames etc

    Giving it Large
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    Thanks for the replies. Rode the Cannondale today in 51cm felt nice and seem to fit me well. Also tried a Scott Speedster in a 52cm felt bigish :? but they didn't have the next size down which is a 49cm. Do the Scott normaly come up larger or do they just feel more racy postion ? Would a 49cm Scott be too small ?

    It's now down to,

    Speedster S30, 20 or 30 spd
    Cannondale Synapse 105 Triple
    Giant SCR 1

    :? Simon.
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    Simon E wrote:
    AFAIK I wouldn't advise upgrading the gears on these because the STI gear/brake levers would need to be replaced and that's the most expensive part of the groupset.

    I've just bought a Trek 1.2 WSD, which comes with an 8-speed Sora groupset, and my LBS upgraded the shifters and the cassette to 9-speed Tiagra for £25. I decided to do that at the time of purchase because I want to upgrade the whole groupset later on, and it was the cheapest way to do it. All they charged me was the difference between the price of the components.
  • I would definately put more thought into whether you want a tripple, double or compact chainset. It's not such a cheap upgrade. (mechs (short/long cage), levers and the chainset)
    Take into account the area you are more likely to ride in (i.e. the hills). I ride a tripple and use the inner ring rarely but i'ts nice to have the option.
    I'm not bothered about the extra wieght or wether it's seen 'not being purest' :roll:
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    I think maybe a tripple would be better for me to start with and then at least I have the option of the extra gears. :?

    If I was going to go for one with a double is it best to get a compact or just the standard double ?

  • A compact is generally 50/34 tooth and a standaed 53/39
    Some people find it harder to push the bigger gears and therefore spend less time in the larger ring.
    I have shimano 105 with is 50/39/30 so sort of get the best of both worlds.
  • You can fit a larger chainring such as a 52 to a tripple should you feel the need
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    Best if I go for a tripple of a compact then.

  • Either would be a good option, i favour triples, a friend i ride with wishes he went that way. (he rides a compact) but it's your choice. If you intend to ride some steeper, longer hills you may reap the rewards of a triple. Also when you a a little tried at the end of long ride
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    If you are in the London area or passing through, I'd recommend having a quick shifty through Condor cycles store - not all as expensive as you might think and a bit alternative to the ranks of the mainstream names.

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    Arrggghh why is so hard to choose a bike :x

    I think I might cross off the Scott from my list as it wasn't as comfy as the Cannondale or Giant but looking at Condor Cycles they have some great looking bikes and there is also Planet X.

    I do like the Cannondale alot, can't decide if I like the SCR 1's colour scheme and also not sure if I like the frame on the Giant SCR C4, the TCR's look much better. I am so picky :oops: :lol:

    Should I really be looking at carbon framed bikes for my first road bike ?

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    What do you think of the following bikes, overall and for a first road bike. I know there's a fair bit of differnece in price and also take into account that I won't ever be racing.

    Giant SCR 1
    Giant TCR C3
    Scott Speedster S30
    Cannondale Synapse 105 Tripple
    Planet X carbon


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    Been to loads of shops now. Went to AW Cycles today just to look at the Giants ended up getting measured up and found the SCR would fit ok but Bianchi was a better fit ! Never seen a Bianchi in the flesh until today, they look great. The B4P 1885 and C2C was the fit I needed to be looking at and I've pretty much decided on a C2C Via Nirone 7 Alu Carbon Veloce CELESTE 8)