wind NNW 24mph gusting 45

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I got out at lunchtime for a 21 miler in 1hour 22 (15mph), avoided any rain / snow.
Wind was interesting when out of the shelter of the hedgerows.
Longest ride for a couple weeks so a bit tired but a big smile on my face.
Anybody else out?



  • hambones
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    Got out at 6.30 this morning and did 66 miles. No rain, some sunshine but very very windy!!
    Still breathing.....
  • madmix
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    I commuted 10 miles last night and home again this morning. On a singlespeed (freewheel side luckily). Great workout. I've hung my wheels up for the rest of the weekend though!
  • 16 miles this morning (Huddersfield) . 16.5 mph average. Windy. Rolling hills in parts. Pleasant riding. :)
  • andy81
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    Went out this afternoon (Reading). Probably not the best time to try clipless for the first time - went over twice - once at a junction, and once due to an oncoming car deciding he had priority at a pinch point in the road (the fact that I was already cycling through it didn't seem to matter).

    Bit windy, but was a nice ride, until I got absolutely soaked by a shower!

    Still, you win some, you lose some.....
  • huggy
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    10 miles in 24 mph gusts averaged 18mph
  • ademort
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    Cycled home from work last night after a 12 hour shift, stormforce winds and driving rain, needless to say totally wet through, back up and off to work this morning, and yes you guessed it the same again. This evenings commute was a little different, stormforce winds and hailstones.Just for a laugh, looked at the weather forecast for the weekend, and its going to be even worse. The worst easter weekend for 40 years.Guess i am gonna spend more time cleaning my bikes at the weekend than actually riding them. Hope everybody has a good easter, and try not to eat too many choccy eggs Greetings Ademort[/list]
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  • did a 27 mile comute to work this morning at 5 and managed to miss the hellish wind and rain taht kept me up all night. Than did a 37 miler on the way back. Strong head wind all the way and a brief smattering of hail.

    Lovely. Got a rest day tomorrow though and its justified now I've clocked over 300 miles this week!

  • feel
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    Started off on a 17 mile route this morning - it was great bowling along at 23/24 mph and not even trying, however when it was head-on and i was flat out to do 8 mph :shock: and when it was gusting from the side :roll: . Well the second half was on much higher, exposed ground so as i was passing close to home i baled out after 9 :oops: discretion, valour and all that.

    I hate the wind :evil: (no not that wind)
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  • Luke_284
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    Yeah I went out and had to cut down my route to just 7 miles becuase of the wind. At one point I was head on and was struggling to move at all, going about 4mph on a flat!

    All good fun though.
    I'll try and get out tomorrow if the rain isn't too bad.
  • andy_wrx
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    Metric Century. Wonder how many miles it would have been equivalent to on the lightweight summer bike on a nil-wind day...

    Tried to go across the wind out and accross it coming back, rather than out downwind and truggle back into wind, but didn't manage that, average speed 2mph more out than coming back.

    Quite pleased how easily I managed it though. I've been concentrating on running for the last few weeks and haven't done anything over 35miles for a while.
  • coltrane
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    Went out yesterday (leicestershire), great ride out (15 miles) wind on our backs sun in our face......then weturned for home!!!!, struggled for 10 miles against it and eventually decided on much needed liquid refreshement
  • massiman
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    I went out yesterday for the scariest ride of my life. It took me an hour to ride 9 miles headwind up on to the Yorkshire Wolds. I then rode west with the wind hitting me from the side. I was certain I was going to come off and it would just be a matter of time. Passing motorists watching me weave around must have thought I was drunk.

    Actually No, this wasn't the scariest, that was when the 17 year old jerk in his souped up cavalier lost control of his car on a roundabout and took me out. It was a close second though!
  • ademort
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    Firstly, please read my post above. My commute home takes me 30 minutes, give or take a couple of minutes. On thursday riding home it took me 52 minutes, mainly due to the driving rain and wind, but partly because i could hard see a thing through my glasses. Guess if i ever do win the lottery, i will move to somewhere with a warmer climate? Greetings Ademort
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  • allen
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    27/28 miles this PM in a mixture of cold clear skies, driving hail which nearly made me stop due to the difficulty of looking ahead and strong winds. Quite pleased to have done it but the wind is such a pain at one point thought I must have punctured becos I felt so sluggish but no it was just the breeze :D
  • Been out again this PM (30 miles). Started in bright sunshine, dry roads and breezy. Got up on the tops at Penistone. The roads awash with water then the snow came: whiteout and driving wind. No glasses on so I could barely see through the pain of snow on eyes. Within 20 mins on the return leg, sunshine, dry roads and breezy :roll:
  • noggincp
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    I biked home at lunchtime and after the blizzards the wind took hold

    straight into it @ 4mph!!!!!!!!!!! :oops:

    would have been (almost) quicker walking
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