any reccommend a reasonable priced white saddle , gel?

samsung17 Posts: 13
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looking about and i cant decide on a new one , something with a bit more comfort that my bontrager standard job.


  • musto_skiff
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    I changed my Bontranger for a Sepc Toupe Gel; they do come in white if that is your thing ...

    Make sure you get the right size ...
  • graham_g
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    That Charge spoon saddle comes in white - lots of good reviews. ... l%20Saddle
  • i have the spesh toupe too, silly name but great saddle ,had it for a couple of years and still love it. takes a while to get used to it as it feels different to alot of other saddles but well worth it and they do a gel version too now but havnt tried it.
  • samsung17
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    charge spoon in white ordered! will update my opinion when i try it , cheers