GT Zum 4.0

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Hi all,

Does anyone have one of the aforemantioned bikes?

I'm looking at getting one of these, just wondering what peoples thoughts are on them.

I am a GT fan anyaway, well I like the MTB's but the hybrid/commuter is new to me so just looking for some advice opinions.




  • P_B
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    I bought a Zum 4.0 from evanscycles just this month, but I'm in the same situation as you, I've only owned MTBs beforehand.

    That said I do find this quite a lot easier to ride & I'm happy with it. It's light & glides very smoothly and I like the bike's features a lot, however I sometimes worry about denting the rims as I go up kerbs.
  • System_1
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    The ZUM (Zaskar Urban Machine) is just a slicked up Zaskar with a shorter travel fork so if you're used to riding MTB's I'd imagine it would be a good choice for road/commuting duties.