Scott speedster s30 or specialized allez elite

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I've recently got into cycling with a barracuda road bike which i bought from e-bay. After a good few months of cycling i'm looking to upgrade my bike which i use for commuting where i cycle on quiet country A-roads which is usually 20 miles round trip and some seperate road riding at the weekend.

I visited two shops and one recommended a Scott speedster S30 and one recommended a Specialized allez elite. Anyone any advice on which would be the better buy as they are about the same price



  • Grandis
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    I've got the 2008 Specialized Allez Elite. I was in a similar position in that it was my first road bike. The best advice is to ride both of them and see what suits. Along with the Allez I had a go on the S40 and a Giant SCR. It boiled down to which one had the best riding position for me.

    For what its worth I have had nearly 1000 miles of trouble free cycling with the Allez and to date i have not regretted my choice.