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What frame for the boss (girlfriend!)...

drewcole81drewcole81 Posts: 528
edited March 2008 in MTB buying advice
Okay, I hope this isn't too confusing....

I have a Chris Boardman Team that i got last year on my cycle scheme, I party bought it cause i was excited and just wanted to go away on the day with a bike! although I did want to find out what they are like.
I have to say its been great and stood up to everything I have given it.

Although I have decided to get a new bike this year again..
So i've decided on the Spesh Rock Hopper Pro 2008 for me.

But the Girlfriend wants a bike too, so my thinking is that I shall rape the Boardman for parts as the frame is too big for her and just buy a new frame to put them on.

Not sure what to go for, she needs around a 16" one as she is wee. I dont really want to go spending loads on it as she wont use it that much... so looking for around the £150 point i think.

The only thing it has to be is pretty so i'm told..... :roll:

Please give me some ideas if you can guys and girls.


....DaZeD aNd CoNfUsEd....


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