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How many bikes again

the ferrythe ferry Posts: 258
edited March 2008 in Campaign at the moment i have

'good' race bike

Mountain bike - stuff with kids, odd off road ride.

Cyclo cross bike - used for commute bike well old but still going well

winter bike - 8yrs old 'Trek 1000' again no complaints still holding it's own.

I did have a fixie which expired early winter, too many holes in the 531 frame.

Thinking off buying a good cyclo cross which could be my mountain/commute/winter bike all in one.
What d'ye think?


  • SamWise72SamWise72 Posts: 453
    At the last count, 22. I can go through the list if you want.......
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    From FCN from 8 (road bike, beard, bag, work clothes) to 15 (on my Brompton)
  • The correct number of bikes to own is n+1, where n is the number you currently have.
    John Stevenson
  • the ferrythe ferry Posts: 258
    .....yeah but no but.....more space in the shed, less hassle with different parts/wheels etc.
    The only thing is i'm really fancying another fixie. :)
  • SamWise72SamWise72 Posts: 453
    Ok, decided I can be arsed to list them - riders first!

    Gazelle Trim Trophy road bike - early 80's; lovely
    Raleigh Gran Sport - sold most of the Campy, fitted with Shimano 105 Golden Arrow (looks great with the gold frame) Simplex Retrofriction shifters, Wrights leather saddle, moustache bars, Velo Orange leather bar wrap, and a saddle bag. So nice!
    Raleigh Superbe 4 speed
    Raleigh Royal tourer - currently off the road because thunder-thighs here somehow sheared an axle
    Viscount Pullman - an old 3 speed, stripped of it's 3 speed bits (for another project) and rebuilt single speed - great for locking up at the station
    EG Bates Track bike
    Nigel Dean fixed gear conversion
    Unknown brand single speed - chrome frame. Yum!
    Downtube IXFS folding bike
    3 Speed tandem - can't remember the make!


    HR Bates BAR - 1940 awaits restoration
    Raleigh 20 - being hot-rodded
    Dawes Galaxy "Gentleman's Express" - 531 touring frame being rebuilt into a super ligtweight 3 speed - alloy rims, cotterless cranks.
    Moulton Mini - to be built up with 8 speed SA hubs, to scare roadies with it's 16" wheels
    Moulton Mini - to be built up as a mildly warmed over version with period parts. Got a Sturmey Archer twin chain S5 hub for this
    20" frame Holdsworth 531 road bike - restoring for my son

    Just sitting around

    Nasty chinese road bike - might make a chopper
    Cheap Francesco Moser steel road bike - not so nice
    Twin suspension Halfrauds special MTB
    Old BMX
    Falcon Westminster tourer - used to be my station bike, now retired. A size too small for me, but a 531 frame - not sure what to do with it. Might be persuaded to part with this.

    Family bikes

    Chopped BMX with long forks - my son's
    Old freestyle BMX - my son's
    24" MTB - my son's
    Mercian Mixte - wife's
    Scott MTB - wife's
    Mission Cargo Trike - wife's
    MiniLogo-1.jpg Special Treats for Lifestyle Cyclists

    From FCN from 8 (road bike, beard, bag, work clothes) to 15 (on my Brompton)
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