wheel question - campag vento's

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Hi guys, newbie looking for advice! iv got stock ambrosio wheels on my bianchi at the mo and im looking to buy the campag vento's as they are within my budget and i really like the look of them.
They come with the skewers but presumabley i will have to tape them myself, is this hard? also will i have to buy a new casette to fit on them or will i be able to remove my old cassette from my ambrosio wheels easily?

Any advice greatly appreciated!


  • Bronzie
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    Applying rim tape (I presume) is a doddle. Just get the valve hole in the right place.

    To remove the cassette you will need a chain whip (not as much fun as it sounds :roll: ), a cassette lockring tool to suit your cassette (Campag presumably) and a spanner. Take a look at Parktools for more advice:
  • gkerr4
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    as above - rim taping is far easier than it sounds - the tape comes in one pre-made loop - you just pry it over the rim making sure that the vale hole is in the right place - job done!

    Do the vento's even need rim tape? - my Eurus were solid rimmed and didn't need any - not sure if the vento are the same or not - they are a very smart looking wheel though!
  • bilsea159
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    I bought some ventos from ribble which come with rim tape already fitted. I also purchased a new cassette with them requesting the mail order department to fit it to the wheels.
  • thaanks guys trés helpful. Think im going to order them with a new casette and kindly ask them to pop it on for me. really excited! iv found so much pleasure in upgrading parts little by little.... roll on new wheel time! :-)