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Brake options for Touring bike

DeefexDeefex Posts: 45
edited March 2008 in Tour & expedition
I have a Revolution Country ('07) from the Edinburgh Bike Co-op, and want to change the
brakes for something more efficient (these canti's seem poor in terms of stopping power and I hate having to adjust them as they're so damn fiddly!) I currently have:

- Tektro Cantilever brakes
- Shimano drop levers (Sora - combined brake/gear change)
- Tektro 2.0 bar top 'frog levers' (use these 90% of the time)

However, it seems that my choices are limited:

- Can't use V-Brakes as I have drop handlebars/levers. Apparently that's a no-no
- Can't use disc brakes as I need caliper mounts on the frame :(

Which leaves me with dual pivot or perhaps mini-v brakes (don't know how they differ from normal v-brakes or why they could be used with drops)

Can anyone recommend anything? Preferably with good stopping power and isn't as fiddly to adjust as the cantis


  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Aparently Campag Mirage Linear Pull (like mini-V) brakes DO work with drops/sti's, Condor fit them to their Heritage tourer, the bike, and in particular the brakes got a very good review in C+ (May I think).
  • Carpe DiemCarpe Diem Posts: 238
    I have Campag Veloce mini V's fitted to my Galaxy as recommended by Paul Hewitt, they are excellent and will lock up the back wheel if yor too heavy handed they are that sharp.

    Easy to fit and easy to adjust, cost about £30 :)
  • DeefexDeefex Posts: 45
    I like to look of the mirage brakes.
    Where can I buy them on the net?

    No luck at Wiggle or EBC
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Deefex wrote:
    I like to look of the mirage brakes.
    Where can I buy them on the net?

    No luck at Wiggle or EBC

    Dotbikes DID sell them, not listed now, Condor may sell them if you call (they fit them), otherwise the link in my last post is to a German shop where you can get them, they also have a Veloce version.
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