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Sometimes DIY is best

MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
edited March 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Had my Stumpjumper for 7 months now and had constant trouble with the back Juicy 5 brakes - juddering, squeaking and constant rubbing when no pressure applied.
I'm a bit of a disc brake novice so thought it better to leave them to someone else to sort.

It's been into my LBS three times for a sort out - each trip is a bit of a hassle and they have temporily improved it but not for long.

Tried cleaning them (Muc Off Disc cleaner) and all sorts.

So finally checked the manual and tried sorting them myself, aware that I might stuff them right up.

Lo and behold they now work completely 100% perfectly! :lol:
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    So finally checked the manual
    It is amazing what info is in the manuals :wink:
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  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    nicklouse wrote:
    So finally checked the manual
    It is amazing what info is in the manuals :wink:

    Well I can normally sort most stuff out but my LBS advised me to leave them alone.
    I resisted for a while but finally gave in and am now very glad I did!
    Two Stumpjumpers, a Rockhopper Disk and an old British Eagle.
  • tjmtjm Posts: 190
    out of interest, what was the problem in the end? Just alignment or something more complicated?

  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    Toby - just re-alignment.

    They have a tri-align system so just a case of loosening the relevant bolts (2), squeezing the brake lever and tightening them up again - the system sorts the alignment up.

    Not sure what my LBS had been doing but it seemed to involved moving the pads manually and trying to line them up using the mk1 eyeball.
    Two Stumpjumpers, a Rockhopper Disk and an old British Eagle.
  • tjmtjm Posts: 190
    I've been thinking of getting a bike with jucy brakes and have read the manual. it looks like a nice foolproof solution to alignment problems. Which is why I am surprised your LBS didn't do it right.
    Perhaps they are too expert to read the manual.... :wink:
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    tjm - you could be right!

    They have one guy they call the "Juicy expert" but he hasn't been able to sort it - yet total amateur me managed it - doh!
    Two Stumpjumpers, a Rockhopper Disk and an old British Eagle.
  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,594
    To be honest, i have had a bad time with alot of bike shops not seemingly being that competent.

    I put my stumpy fsr in for its free service, stated i had a problem with a creaky rear sus linkage, they stated it was BB creak, my reply it creaks when i apply pressure to just the linkage independent of the Bb.. i stated all the rest is fine my gears aer set dont worry.

    Came back they said it was the BB, but the linkage was freshly greased and redone... theni had to completely redo all my gears because they had totaly messed them up..

    i try to do as much as i can myself.
  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    Since getting my bike back from a 'Full service' at a LBS and finding a pedal and the handlebars loose I try to do as much as I can myself too,Im slowly building up the toolkit with the specialist tools needed for certain jobs,but now that Ryders has opened up down the road I will give them a try for anything im stuck with as ive heard very good things about them !
  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,594
    i was in there sat for pads seemed a really nice shop,, and the owner was open friendly and seemed knoledgable, so im hoping on that too!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    there is always huge value in learning to do your own bike maintenance, saves time and money. buying tools can be pricey but i always figure that if you are going to need to borrow a tool once, you might need to borrow it twice, so buy one.
  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,594
    I want one of those shiney park tool boxes,

    a friend on the isle of wight has them... there shiney must be said
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    I have just about enough to do most jobs now.
    Two Stumpjumpers, a Rockhopper Disk and an old British Eagle.
  • Jimbob_no5Jimbob_no5 Posts: 1,568
    i do everthing myself or if its complicated just take it to work and be shown how to do it, costless alternative :lol:

    I believe in only 2 things in life.
    1) Drink is not my friend
    2) D-Locking cnuts ;)
  • dav1dav1 Posts: 1,298
    the only way to learn is by doing.

    Provided you know what to do and have the tools and enough mechanical knowledge of how what you are doing should work,most tasks you should be able to do. It may take you 4hrs longer then the pros but we all have to start somewhere.

    My list of next Home DIY tasts is to replace a cassette (need to buy tools) which looks very easy and service my forks (this looks like a challenge)
    Giant TCR advanced 2 (Summer/race)
    Merlin single malt fixie (Commuter/winter/training)
    Trek superfly 7 (Summer XC)
    Giant Yukon singlespeed conversion (winter MTB/Ice/snow)

    Carrera virtuoso - RIP
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    I find (like a lot of blokes) that if I'm methodical, I can usually work it out in the end.

    However, there has been the odd stroppy moment when I've sliced my hands up, got covered in black grease and still not sorted a problem!

    Did a Materials Engineering degree so in theory, I should be able to work things out.

    But that's only in theory! :oops: :lol:
    Two Stumpjumpers, a Rockhopper Disk and an old British Eagle.
  • Sev101Sev101 Posts: 56
    I had a prblem with the chain catching the derailleur on the front when on the largest cog again in and out of LBS and still no change or improvement.

    rainy afternoon nowt else to do lets have a go

    15 mins small amount of swearing sorted!

    I now have rear shock issue think I have knackered seals - here we go again bike in bits!

    Good luck Sev!!!!!
  • i really enjoy bike maintenence! love learning how to do things and really wish i had built my first proper bike up instead of the lbs! mind you, i still had to sort out all the gears!!
    now i wouldnt dream of giving anything to the lbs to do unless i am Really stuck and after a day of walking away and leaving it and returning with fresh eye's hasnt helped!

    have a mates bike here at the mo that have stripped down and fully cleaned (jump bike thats not seen a lot of care!!) and nearly all back together, just waiting on some bits to arrive!
    gives me a Huge sence of satisfaction knowing i can do it but also save friends money by helping them out too!
    After all, I am Cornish!
    Cotic Soul, The bike of Legends!:wink: Yes, I Am a bike tart! ... 1#16297481
  • Sev101Sev101 Posts: 56
    I am with you on that one - I enjoy my small vicotories!!!!

    Lets hope shock servicing is as easy!
  • dhxcmedhxcme Posts: 1,467
    I do all my own work except wheel building. LBS is just expencive by comparison. By time iv'e drove out there (25 miles to get to a half way decent one) paid for fuel, servicing, parts, the hassle of putting up with the know it all mechanic (who knows sweet FA) and brought it home, I could have done the work got out to the woods test ridden it come home and spend the pile of money I'd saved on some thing i really didn't need like another jersey.

    The moral being is if you want it doing right do it yourself (if you can).
  • norco forevernorco forever Posts: 1,177
    me and a couple of my mates all help each other fixing bikes, bouncing solutions off each other etc none of us really have time for bike shops, and one mate is a bike mechanic so for the cost of a pint we can get most things done and its a laugh whilst you do it and i've learnt loads :)
    If you aint in A&E, you aint riding hard enough
  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    No all LBS are the same . . . . .

    . . . . and juicy brakes ain't exactly complicated (unless you want to get the pads out!)
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