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cheap brake pads for juicy 5's?

SRISRI Posts: 125
edited March 2008 in MTB buying advice
Where's the cheapest place to get pads these days?

I'm sure I saw an article in a magazine where they could be got for around a fiver a set but I can't for the life of me remember where it was.

What with the shocking reliability of my juicy 5 pistons and the neverending muddiness of the UK, I seem to be eating pads at the moment and 13 quid a throw is a bit steep.



  • I had a similar problem (with the pads) on Sunday (yesterday). Ground down 3 pads to the metal in 1 ride.They were Avid organic pads and I have ordered the Avid sintered pads which are supposed to be much tougher for the nastier weather. I agree that they are overpriced - that ride cost me nearly £30! There are various places with cheaper pads and what appear to be really good deals, but I have read many bad reviews on cheaper pads. I spent over an hour last night searching all the options, and I decided that the real deal was my best bet, even if it is a little overpriced.
  • SRISRI Posts: 125
    It was mentioned in a magazine - MBR I think and they were much cheaper - around £5 per set.

    Using google the only hits seem to yield copies priced at around £13 which you are right is very close to the price of genuine avid ones.
  • Could have been the Kool-Stop pads. If I could find a dealer in the UK I would have got them. Just google 'kool-stop' and you should find their catalogue of pads. If you do find a UK dealer then let me know!
  • SRISRI Posts: 125
    thanks, but no I'm pretty sure it wasn't them.
  • mr mangosmr mangos Posts: 174

    Great pads.
  • SRISRI Posts: 125
    this is looking more like it - it may have been.

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