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I'm starting to get a bit bored of riding on my own and feel i'm not getting anywhere after doing it for a few months so was wondering if there was someone in the Swansea area that fancied meeting up and doing a few miles. I was thinking of joining one of the local clubs but i dont think i'm up to that sort of pace yet.


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    Just PM'd you.
  • just checked Pm's and nothing there
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    I havent been out with swansea ride but I have been with port talbot wheelers and they have different groups of different abilities, check out their website.
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    Don't know what happened to the PM?
    I'm living in Ynystawe and try to get out as often as I can. I work shifts so go out weekdays as well as weekends. I'm off down Gower tomorrow hopefully. If you can make it you're more than welcome to come along. If not send me your e mail address and we'll arrange another time.
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    Might see my scruffy Giant SCR down the Gower tomorrow although not sure what time I'll be able to sneak out of work if at all so can't arrange anything.

    I'm really looking to increase my average speed on my 2-4 hour rides, I can keep a reasonable effort going on the turbo but when I'm out I always seem to be recovering from one hill or thinking about the next one which left my average bang on 15mph on Sunday which I want to improve on.

    Also keep meaning to join the swansea wheelers one weekend but I'm scared of falling behind on the hills, especially if they go up Brecon way.
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    I'm up for meeting up if anyone cares too. I'm in central Swansea. I do regular 2-3 hour rides around Gower and then longer 4-6 hour rides up Brecon / Rhigos / Bwlch area from March onwards. I work shifts so usually off in the week with some weekends.
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    Same here mozwyn with shifts. If you can both make it I'm going to try to get out next Monday or Tuesday for a good ride. If both of you fancy it email me Jonah2940@aol.com and we'll arrange a meeting point.