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Noisy Fox Float RL Fork

BudhaonaBikeBudhaonaBike Posts: 5
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Hi Guys and Gals,

I am the very proud owner of a Trek EX8, 2008.

The bike itself is great and i have already had a lot of fun in wales, peak district etc.

The problem i have with it is that the re bound cartridge seems to be knocking when i travel over small rapid bumps, it also makes a low thud/knock on impact aswell with bigger bumps.

I have been back to the shop where i bought this bike from and they have given me excuse after excuse. 1, it needs to bed in, so i went away and gave it a good bedding in period, 2, I have the rebound wound to heavey, so i went away and and rode it at the setting they felt it should work at. 3, the air pressure in the left leg was too hard, so that was reduced, and now i have about an inch of static sag befoe i even get on the bike 4, reduce the pressure in my front tyre,they reduced this to 25lb, though when i tried to ride it it was alot lower than this, when i tested it at home it had 18lb in it.

I still have this knock though its more faint.

The fork has been sent to Mojo and the response was, run it with less rebound, they didnt even strip it, just bounced it and sent it back.

When the fork is run locked out the noise dosnt happen and when the brake is held on and you bounce the front wheel it dosent happen, the noise only happens when movement in the fork is allowed.

I weigh 13st 10lbs

Set up at the begining;
Fork Air pressure: 90lbs - 1inch of sag when i get on.
Rebound: 4 clicks from hard

Set up at the moment;
Fork Air pressure: 70lbs, 1inch of sag before i get on.
Rebound: 6 clicks from hard.

All the write ups that i have read speak of how plush and smooth the Fox Forks are, no mention on faint knocks of setting up forks so that they arent so noisy.

Can you please tell me if anyopne has had this problem and if their is a solution, as this is the only problem i have with wht i consier to be a great bike.

Thanky you for reading, hope to have responses soon,



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Forks can make small clicks as the valves open and close - knocking though: hmmm, not so sure. Sounds like there is a bit of BSing going on to me - reduce tyre pressure?!

    I have raced sports motorbikes in the past, i understand how a fork works, I am used to hearing the oil etc pass through the shims as i ride, but i was feeling this knock through the bars.

    If there isnt a fix for this or any knowledge of it happening to anyone else, I will re visit my 'Leisure' bike store by the 'lakes' and present them with a problem that they will have to fix ;-)

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I am not that up on the internals of Fox orks, but sounds like the cartridge is loose or something. Defimitely should be stripped by the warranty dept.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    headset now beded in? re set the headset?
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  • Yeah, Headset is all good, it was the first thing i looked at, I visited a local shop today, borrowed an EX8 for 5 mins and it didnt have noisy forks,

    I'm at a loss......
  • CpsCps Posts: 356
    edited March 2008
    I've got an EX8 and myforks luckily enough makes no noise!

    I would not let the shop mess you about

    Go in and tell them to either sort it in say 10 working days. Either by repair or replacement
    Ask for a replacement bike whilst you wait.

    Considering the bike has a rrp of £1600 its a big outlay and I would take being given the runaround by the shop.

    If you bought it on your credit card inform the cc company of the problem - it may still be insued. If it was a loan - hold your payments but inform the finance house what your doing - it all brings pressure t bear on the shop!!!!

    Good Luck
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    Mine only "hiss" as the air escapes and re-enters the chamber.

    I think the noise is quite cool 8)

    No clicks though - send it back.
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  • Cps

    Thanks for your comments, it was a cash sale so not alot of leverage, I will being having a conversation with them today and i will post how i get on.


    Mine hiss too, and yes it is cool lol ;-)

    Ill keep you posted,, wink wink get it? posted! tut sorry, a terrible joke, i know..
  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,594
    You still have consumer rights,

    with sale things such as fit for purpose. take it back and make sure they do a full and proper service to the fork to check it. I would not be confident in my forks if they made that noise and i have fox float Rl's up front. no noise and super smooth.

    Go be forceful
  • skylinerskyliner Posts: 613
    You should have threshold adjustment on the bottom of the right leg on that fork, try setting that fully to the "-" position and see if the knock goes away.
    The threshold is used as a low speed compression damper when the lockout is off IIRC to prop the fork up and counter brake dive.
    If it's set too firm it can feel like a little step early in the travel on small stuff, and a thud when it blows open on bigger stuff.
    Mojo would expect to find this, and this is possibly why they didn't need to strip the fork.

    If you want to be sure, ring Mojo and ask them. They're very helpful.
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  • MGriffinMGriffin Posts: 1
    I've got the same problem and it has got worse during the first 50 miles. Co-incidentally I talked to someone else with the same problem yesterday. Feels and sounds like an over-noisy rebound valve opening/closing in the middle of the return stroke. Doesn't actually affect performance but if it keeps getting worse I have visions of suddenly loosing the lower half of the fork legs.
    Mine are going back.
  • timberjacktimberjack Posts: 279
    Mine are the same i even sent them for service and they are still the same but i can live with it
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