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cassete chewing through free hub

sps137sps137 Posts: 247
edited March 2008 in Workshop
I changed my wheels over at the w/e and found that despite having only done a few hundred miles on it the rear cassette (Ultegra) was starting to chew through the freehub in the smaller gears. I've never had this in the past as the cassetes (sora/ tiagra)have always been bolted together thereby spreading the load. Does anyone know why they dont bolt the high end stuff together (surely it can't be weight issues), and how do I stop them destroying the hub on my new wheels?


  • carlstonecarlstone Posts: 602
    Don't worry too mcuh its 'only' the freehub body they are chewing through which are replaceable. How far through have they chewed and is there plenty of meat left on the free hub to go? To have chewed through a lot in a couple of hundred miles seems a bit excessive.
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