looking for a friendly club run around west london area?

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having bought my first road bike in the new year i can honestly say im hooked. I commute everyday on it and literally feel depressed if i cant get on it each day!
I live in shepherds bush and im looking for a friendly cycling club that offers informal non race club runs as well as their racing trips where i can push myself a bit further without doing serious racing. I know of the kingston wheelers, just wondering if there are any a bit closer or different that people could recommend me? Many thank for any advice.


  • drewfromrisca
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    Hi I live in Hammersmith and I've been a Wheeler for a month and been out a few times. I don't mind meeting up on the way to a club run on the Sunday.
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  • damo_d_b
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    I live between Hammersmith and Chiswick and I'm also a Wheeler. It's a really friendly club, well supported, but not too big, with riders of all abilities and interests (racing, cyclocross, sportives, etc).

    The club run starts at 9am on a Sunday which takes me about 35 mins to get to. However after a long ride that last few extra miles on the return home can seem a bit tough! But there's always rides being arranged on the KW forum that you can join up with (out to the Surrey Hills or even just a few laps of Richmond Park), or even suggest your own.

    There are a few other clubs around but most will be heading out of London to somewhere in the countryside for their main runs. You could have a look at the London Dynamos too, I think their club runs follow similar routes. But I've really enjoyed being part of KW and I'm sure they'll make you feel very welcome too!