Woman cyclist stabbed in road row


  • Sue Wass
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    lovely world we live in :!:
  • clanton
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    Nasty and vicious. Condolences to the family. Hope they catch the killers.
  • redddraggon
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    I'm not sure the killing was "road rage". I bet she was on the path when it happened anyway. There's scum everywhere that'll kill over something meaningless, and Liverpool is no exception. I think it's the same sort of evil act as the Rhys Jones killing.
    She was wearing a black Location brand tracksuit and a zipped jacket, a black t-shirt and red, black and silver Nike trainers.

    Her cycle was a black and light pink Universal Fusion mountain bike with a black seat.

    I don't know why the BBC have described her as a "cyclist".
    I like bikes...

  • nwallace
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    Cyclist cos she was on a bike.
    Which to me seems to be coincidence.
    Do Nellyphants count?

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  • TheBoyBilly
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    Sadly just another inner-city killing. The assailants seemed to be known to the victim. I don't think this had anything to do with road rage only that she was attacked (over a "turf" dispute) while more vulnerable out on a bike. Soon there will be less of us on the "outside".
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