Trek, Le Monde or Scott

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Hi Guys

I really fancied a Trek 1.5 as i'm new to road cycling and fancy doing 50-100 miles a week on it.

I had made my mind up on the Trek 1.5 but then my local shop does not stock Trek. They state le monde has the new trek frame and design a year before its on the trek.

I really dont like the look of Le Monde cycles and scott looks better but seems to be something more for mountain bikes than cycles.

Are the rave reviews of the Trek 1.5 realistic?

Another dealer does stock Trek locally but wanna make sure before i buy next week.



  • Hello Jat,
    I have a lemond bike and it's great.
    Your bike shop is right about the trek and lemond tie in though. They do work very closely together. I don't know if it's right about the year ahead thing, but I was told a similar thing. that they try out new stuff on the lemond bikes, and then apply or tweak it and put it on the trek bikes, but I could've been spun a yarn by my LBS as well.
    Any how I love it and the retro looking paint job.

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    I'm going to keep an eye on this thread, I'm thinking of getting a Trek 1.7
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    Even i was thinking of paying 200 more and getting the 1.7.

    Although i prefer the colour and style of the 1.5, camp i know.

    The Trek dealer told me today that as a begineer the 1.5 is great and maybe the 1.7 does not warrant the extra in my case considering i'm coming from a mountain bike. They sell specialized and trek.

  • Not so much a tie in ... TREK and Lemond are the same people these days.

    I've just bought a 1.2T although a Trek dealer wanted to shift the Lemond that he had in stock. I went to another dealer who got what I wanted in 24 hours. They also had 1.2, 1.5 & 1.7 in various sizes for me to try and then sat me on a turbo and set the bike up for me.

    If you are near Letchworth then TriSports are well worth a call.
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    I'm going to wait a few month for the 2009 bikes to come out as I already have a road bike that's on it's last legs and hopefully get a 2008 Trek 1.7 for not much more than a 1.5 is now
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    But the 1.5 is by far the best colour........ :lol:
    If I had a baby elephant, I\'d be asking my girlfriend some SERIOUS questions.....
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    Will have to change the white bar tape to black too