I want to go clipless...

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I got a road bike last September, first time for 20 years. I've been putting a few miles on with commuting a couple for days a week, 35 mile round trip, and the weekend but now want to go clipless.

Any recommendations on what to get for a first timer? Also, I want to be able to walk so I guess I'm looking at SPD's rather than proper road cleats.



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    I went clipless after years of toe straps this year. Avoided the SPDs out of my personal dislike for Shimano and the number of people you see clunking in and out. I went for Speedplay Frogs. Nice easy engagement, free float and a very easy disengage. You have to twist your foot further than most to disengage but there is no resistance. Nearly forgot the bolt onto the two bolt SPD pattern shoes. Choice of shoes will affect your walking as you will need recessed cleats which road shoes dont usually have. I wear Specializes Sonamo and there is not quite enough to completely hide the cleat but you can walk ok just not on anyones wood floor.
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    If you want some good ones Wiggle have OEM versions of XTR M970 SPD's for £59 instead of £79. Really good.

    I suppose you might want to go cheaper to start off with, Shimano PD-M520's are good and cheap.

    I use Specialized Taho and Shimano MT90 shoes, can walk for miles in them no problem.
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    I've just bought a set of the PD-M970 XTRs to sling on my new bike (when it arrives).
    Wiggle state on their site OE stuff may not come in orginal packaging or with manuals but these came with the lot.

    I've currently got PD-M520s on my MTB and PD-M540s on my Allez and have found both to be excellent.

    As for shoes I've got a couple of pairs of Specialized MTBs, Comps and Carbon Experts.
    I once walked 7 miles home with a double puncture in the former. My right heel wasn't in good shape after that but they're fine for just pottering around in, going into a cafe/shop etc. You won't look like a cast member of Disney on Ice.
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    Lagavulin wrote:
    I've just bought a set of the PD-M970 XTR's to sling on my new bike (when it arrives).
    Wiggle state on their site OE stuff may not come in orginal packaging or with manuals but these came with the lot..
    Mine too, absolute bargain!
  • For the uneducated, what's the difference between the 520's and the 970's? The look almost identical, from looking at pictures on the Wiggle site.

    The Time ATAC seem to get good reviews, are these only for MTB's or are they OK for road, taking into account I don't race - only planning longer rides, for me that's 50+ miles, in the next few months.
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    Well they are pretty similar cosmetically, you get better materials and construction (such as hollow chromo axle) better bearings, longer lasting, better functioning and lower weight, thats not to say the 520's are bad, especially at the price!
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    M520s have spanner flats and allen key mounting methods.

    M540s and M970s are 8mm allen key mounting only so they are a bit lighter (only a few grams me thinks).
  • i found the advantage of spd over traditional road pedals when i started riding clipless is that with spd you obviously have two sides to clip. Plus you tend not to have rotate the pedal to the correct angle to clip in.
    I used SPD on my road bike to start will (swaping to look later) and still use 520's on my mountainbike.
    Pedal's such as LOOK and TIME allow you to transfer more power however,
    for first experience into clipless pedals i would recommend going down the spd route
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    Pedal's such as LOOK and TIME allow you to transfer more power ...

    Show me the science - facts and figures - not hype. Not saying you're wrong but can you
    back up this claim????

    Dennis Noward
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    I find Shimano A520 single-sided road pedals to be excellent. They combine the advantages of a recessed SPD shoe plate and a broader platform for comfort. At the moment, I see no reason to use anything else for touring/commuting ... and by touring I mean anything other than training for or actually racing.

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