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Specialized Taho

dbodendboden Posts: 349
edited March 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hello all, I am a newbie. Riding all me life, Am doing the C2C in June on me trek 6700.
So have decided to go clipless for the 1st time!!!
Have just purchased some Specialized Taho.
Anybody out there got any?
I thought you could also use them as flats??
I took the rubber cover off, to put the cleats on. But it doesn't go back on?

Am I being thick. Do you just use them as flats with the cleats left on, or are you supposed to take em off?
I think with the shimano shoes you can screw the cover back on. Is this correct?

Heeeeelp!!!! :?


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    both me and the mrs have some taho shoes (hers are the birds version) i use them as normal shoes as i only use flat pedals. if you wanted to fit cleats, you would have to cut the rubber path off the bottom of the shoe. the cleats can be removed but the rubber cant be replaced you are right.

    if you decide to go back to flat pedals, i would take the cleats off as they will rduce your grip and scratch your pedals up pretty bad.

    i think they are ace shose, very firm sole for direct power transfer but flexible enough to be comfy for walking around the cafe :) also, the grip is ace on the bottom for pushing the bike along muddy un rideable patches of trail.
  • dbodendboden Posts: 349
    Gulp.... I,m commited then!!!
    The 1st thing I did was rip the rubber cover off. And I have bought 2 pairs of spd pedal for my bikes, and not even tried them yet.

    Cheers for the reply.

    ps, not sure weather I want my mrs to start mtb'ing, its my only escape.!!!!
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