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Value for money...

Pricey117Pricey117 Posts: 34
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To cut straight to the poiint... what is better value for money.....?

Im looking to spend roughly about £1000, but i feel if im spending that much, i might as well get a F/S, but a mate of mine seems to think that i would be better off buying a kick censored hardtail for the money because decent full sussers start at about £1500..

Soo.. i bring the question to the high court of Mountain bikers..

What is better value for money?

P.s....if you could recommend any bikes too..:)..that would be great :D



  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    £1000 gets a high end hardtail or a low end full susser.

    What sort of riding are you doing & where?
  • Pricey117Pricey117 Posts: 34
    Yeah....personally i would rather a full suss, but like you said its either a high end hardtail or a low end full suss..

    I mainly do trail centres, throught the forest. I want an AM , but i feel that i wouldnt use the travel, so i feel i'd probably be better of with a trails bike :)

    Can you reccomend anything :)
  • As a rule of thumb I would think that you need to spend 50% more on a FS than on a HT.

    A grand on an HT should get you a very nice piece of kit with good component levels.

    You could go for Specialized or Trek and get a good bike but if you are looking for something less common take a look at (in no particular order):

    Rock Lobster

    When I was in a similar position I considered some of these but got a GT Zaskar Pro reduced in price and am very happy with it.

    Other things to consider - steel? titanium? carbon?
    Some of your decision has to be around what you are intending to use it for.
    Also, would you take a 2007 or even 2006 bike to reduce the price?

    There are some demo days coming up - try and get to one as you'' be unlikely to find a LBS to lend out an HT for a test ride.

    Good luck

  • Pricey117Pricey117 Posts: 34
    Just to answer Mikes Question...

    Yeah, i suppose i would be willing to get a 2007 or even an 06' bike to reduce the price.

    Dealing with weight..obvioulsy, weight is the enemy...

    For me , and maybe the majority, its only really the fork and brake that im concerned about sum up looking for ..Preferably a full suss, on a budget of a grand..with a decent brake and a good fork, i think its fair to say im screwed....

    Looks like i'll have to think things over..
    Thanks for the help... :lol:

    Im still open to any suggestions :)
  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    Stretch to £1100 and take a look at the Spesh FSRxc Expert. 4" travel allround trail bike that's solid, proven and dependable - my wife has the female version called the Myka FSR Expert so I can recommend it highly.

    Get AM out of your head unless you're going hardtail because anything AM and full suss at this price is going to be heavyweight, pretender, censored of a bike.

    There's the Focus Superbud from wiggle but it's unproven, untested (aside from a few buyers on here) and there's supply issues. The spec is almost too good to be true and I'd personally wait and see what the mags say if they ever get hold of one...
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    Have you had a look at the Giant Trance?

    £1000 will buy you a Trance 3,which has a decent Fox Float rear shock,a heavy but reliable Rockshox Tora Forks,and perfectly adequate Avid Juicy 3s.It was a recent winner of WMB "full sussers for a grand",test.

    More importantly its a very good frame,and for upgrading as funds allow.

    If you are willing ,to look at older models you may find a higher specced Trance 2,within budget.

    Take a look on for loads of offeres on Giant.
    2006 Giant XTC
    2010 Giant Defy Advanced
    2016 Boardman Pro 29er
    2016 Pinnacle Lithium 4
    2017 Canondale Supersix Evo
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