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Triple Bypass

daowneddaowned Posts: 414
Has one one any information on the Triple Bypass apparentry its the hardest sportive in the USA held in Colorado duiring July.

I was thinking about entering it as I plan to visit Colorado in July.


  • canamdadcanamdad Posts: 188
    Here's the URL for the sponsoring club: It is sold out for 2008. I'did it 4 times when I lived in CO. It's a challenging ride particularly if you don't live at altitude but actual gradients are not more than 7%. The climb from Idaho Springs to the top of Loveland Pass is long and can be wind effected. Certainly worth doing but the hardest, I don't know, certainly hard enough!
  • jimwinjimwin Posts: 208
    There's 2 things the UK doesn't do...
    1. Altitude
    2. Very long climbs.

    But check out some of the sportifs and audaxes in the UK (especially Wales, the Lake District and the SW ) and you'll find plenty of real challenges to be had. There's plenty of climbing and quite a few rides with >3000m total climbing. It's just not all in one climb.

    - Jim

    And although the US is catching up, the beer's still better!
  • canamdadcanamdad Posts: 188
    Even though the Triple Bypass is full, you could still do the classic Mt Evans ride that starts either in Idaho Springs (w of Denver on I70) or from Bergen Park (where TBP starts). If you do it from IS, it's 27.4 miles to summit of Mt Evans (14,130'/4307 meters) with 2004 meters vertical. From Bergen Park, it's a little longer and you go over Squaw Pass before beginning the climb proper of Mt Evans. See for more info and maps. The Bob Cook Memorial Mt Evans Hill Climb is July 19th if you want to give that a go! If you go from IS, it's all downhill from the summit and you can evaluate some US microbrew at the Tommyknocker Brewery in IS. Bring a couple of $ with you as they even charge for cyclists at the entrance to Mt Evans road past Echo Lake (they don't make you pay if you're in the race!).
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