try Nero Corsa frame for size

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I'm in the much discussed 1K bike loop and I'd like to try a Nero Corsa frame for size (just under 6ft so likely to be a 54). I see that Ribble, Dave Hinde and Dolan all do a bike based on it, but is there anywhere closer to south London?

I seem to remember a thread that said one of the Condor bikes was based on it. Had a quick shufty at their online catalogue and couldn't see one.

Any ideas?

Similarly, wouldn't mind trying the Planet X for size, but same situation.


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    Poprad, all I can offer to this is 1) Avoid Dave Hinde like the plague (see here for example), and 2) I remember Berne from Condor discussing this frame, so they are/will be doing this. Is it the Leggero? Maybe give Condor a call.
  • Condor used to do it as the Barrachi. But now the Barrachi is a variation on the Ribelle monocoque. The Leggero is based on a hand wrapped tube set (used to be a Scuro)

    They may have some older Barrachis available in their sale
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    Thanks for the replies. Never been to Condor so i might go and have a look.
  • Yes Condor are good, usually very busy, but if you grab someone they're prepared to spend plenty of time with you to get things right and all of their staff are really into the sport
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    I am 5.8 and I have the Medium frame wich is the 51 - I think the one your looking at is the large wich is 54 - I would sugest getting your body measurements done and then it should give you a rough idea of what bike you should be looking at.
    here is the link

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    Thanks Doobz, i'll have a go with that fit calculator. I guess i'm currently basing my fit requirements on my current bike (a Lemond Poprad - yes, that's why - which is 55cm C-C) and woud like a slightly more upright prosition so that I can more easily take weight of my hands and a slightly shorter effective top tube, so i can achieve a more relaxed, less straight-armed position.

    The basic dimensions of the Nero Corsa 54 seemed to fit that requirement more than the Planet X or Focus Cayo which are a bit shorter in the headtube for the same reach - I'd have to go up a size to get the same headtube length and that would increase the top-tube.

    I know there's no substitute for test rides, but I think a bit of calcualtion and analysis might narrow the options and then I can confirm with a test ride. I test rode my Poprad a few times and thought it felt great (and I still think it is a fantastic bike) but actually probably doesn't fit me as well as I thought.