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I am an ex-commuter (changed job) and am now trying to keep up the miles for fitness/ pleasure by cycling in the evenings. I ride a Scott Sportster - flat bar, and was great for commuting, but now i feel i want to try for a bit more speed with a Roadie.

So, question is, can i convert my Sportster by changing bars, wheels etc or will i end up in a mess? I'm a bit of a tight-wad, so dont really want to buy a new bike, specially if i then find i cant get on with it!

Help please. Any ideas gratefully received.


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    165 people have looked at this but nobody has anwered - it's obviously a very stupid question !
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    Ok my opinion as viewer No 170 :lol:
    It would be quite expensive to convert your bike, and it still would not feel anything like a road bike. Don't waste any money on it, have a look at some cheaper road bikes like the Giant SCR / Pinnacle / Dawes Giro / Specialized Allez for example, or something second hand. Just make sure you get the correct size to suit you and you will never look back.
    I started with a MTB, then a heavy steel hybrid then a lighter alloy hybrid then built my own road bike and i know which i prefer.
    Well that's my opinion anyway. Good luck.
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    No 184 here :lol: agree with topdude it would be expensive to try and convert your present steed and still wouldn't be the real thing. Why not have a look at second hand bikes if you don't want to spend a load of cash.
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    Get another job you can commute to on the bike - I spent 9 years fed up with it, and went back to a job I can commute to by bike...phew...

    Can guarantee what time I get to work, and get home....can't say that with a car or public transport.

    I'd get a road bike - might set you back £300-£500 for an SCR/Allez depending upon model, or Decathlon do some good ones.