Exceedingly Annoying..Invalid Session?

Neil2oo7 Posts: 49
Hey everyone.

Having a terrible time with this website, had this problem for quite a while now and it actually led me to stop using this site for quite a few months due to it's very annoying attributes and problems. Firstly every time I try to post a reply I am met with the error "Invalid session. Please resubmit form"? This is possibly the most annoying thing I have ever seen on a forum - my submission is not posted and the text I have typed is deleted and lost aswell? I'm quite sure this is not supposed to happen. :roll: Needless to say this didn't happen on WhatMTB but has happened since the beginning on this site.

Secondly - I seem to be logged out automatically on a regular basis. I'm not entirely sure if this is meant to happen either. I am met with a "Please Log in" message approximately every 5 minutes whilst browsing and replying. The "automatically sign me in" box is always ticked so I'm not too sure why this is happening.

Anyways. Rant over. phew. Any Advice/Help is most welcome :D