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I've had my planet-x road bike for about 7 weeks and done about 400 miles. I've been pretty rigorous cleaning the chain and making sure the derailleurs are alligned properly as I know the cables stretch etc. The problem is that there is a tap tap noise when I push down hard with my right foot, it's most evident when I'm climbing hills. The bike has got wet a few times but I've been careful to dry it afterwards. My last bike's bottom bracket went after a couple of years but it's definitely not that as there is no lateral movement.

I think it's the pedal, but is it normal for them to make a noise after such a short time? They are Shimano SPD-SL 105 pedals. Can I take it apart to give it a good greasing?

Thanks for your comments.

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    Bikes make a variety of noises that are, very often, hard to pinpoint. Lots of times a
    noise that you are sure is coming from "down there" is coming from "up here", so
    to speak. Anything that can creak or tick on a bike will, given half a chance and a
    lack of lube or a slightly loose bolt. First make sure everything(bolts, screws) that are
    supposed to be tight actually are. Next put the bike in a workstand and turn the cranks by hand. If you get no noise take the bike out for a ride and carry a bit of really light oil with
    you. When you hear it make noise stop. Lightly oil one thing(i.e. stem handlebar interface).
    Ride again. If still noisey stop and oil one more thing. Repeat until quiet. Remember, any
    parts interfaces can creak, squeak, tick, and or tap. Seatpost clamp and seat rails,
    loose headset, just to name a few. I wouldn't tear apart a set of pedals until I had ruled out
    just about everything else. For what it's worth, most of these noises have simple causes and simple solutions.

    Dennis Noward
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    had a similar problem from the headset on my bike. took it apart greased the bearings reassembled and the creaking was still there. turned out to be the cable stays. a quick clean and a bit of gt80 and its gone.
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    Thanks for your ideas. That website is amazing, I'll have a look tomorrow. Using the website language, I would describe my noise as being a tick happening every revolution.

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    great website
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    I had the exact same problem with the same pedals. I put some grease on the threads which attach to the crank arm of the SPD's and the problem disappeared. Dry tight threads have a tendency to "pop".
    We need a bigger boat.

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    Is your front changer cable catching the inside of the crank?
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    Check your skewers and make sure they have been greased also.
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    It's not the front derailleur cable catching on the crank and as I've got my pump sat alongside my bottle cage I checked that also. I didn't ride to work today so I haven't touched the bike, but the idea I like the most is checking the amount of grease on the pedal thread. When I put the pedals on I did grease the thread but not very much, I've been out in the rain a few times so that could have shifted some of the grease.

    It's so annoying having a wonderful bike that flies along, spoilt by a little ticking tapping noise.

    Thanks again

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    I have got exactly the same noise from my Planet x Pro carbon. Only done 200 miles or so and I cannot pin point where and when the noise occurs.Sometimes on up stroke, sometimes on the down
    Appears to be no movement from the BB. Have done a couple of knee crunchers uphill on small gears and it seems fine.
    Pedals are new and greased.
    Cables ends not hitting cranks. .
    I do not think it is the from the cranks etc but I do not know.
    Really starting to bug me.
    Did you sort your noise?
    If so any help greatly appreciated.
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    Shoe cleats? My left one creaks on climbs. Must do something about it... but I know what it is so it doesn't bother me so much
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