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any 4X / bmx dirt tracks around cannock chase?

plain lazyplain lazy Posts: 137
edited July 2008 in Routes
i cant jump, so i wanna improve my bike skills by getting confident at it. Are there any areas of the chase where folks have created a track so i can improve my skills. if not i am tempted to take a spade and start building a small track somewhere in a forest clearing. if i end up building a track i'll keep you informed.



  • no nothiing like a dedicated BMX or 4 x track on the chase.

    there is one in brum though........ ... sbikeclub/
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  • iain1775iain1775 Posts: 98
    Downhill track at Style Cop on Cannock is closest thing - some jumps on that to help you out, also loads of trails around that area that have berms, jumps built into them
  • iain1775iain1775 Posts: 98
    you could also try the old quarry area to the west of Birches Valley (the other side of the road)
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