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Hi, my first post on here 8).
I've just recently got back into riding again after a long, long sabatical (my last road bike was a Raliegh Road Ace back in 1989/1990 :oops: ). I took to riding motorbikes as soon as I was old enough and just drifted away from the whole road riding scene.
Riding motorbikes in winter just corrodes them to a slow death, so I tried commuting in car for a year or two. Commuting in cars is just a waste of my life, I just can not take sitting in traffic any more,so my girlfirend bought me some £70 steel monster MTB for my birthday last August. Thinking I wouldn't stick it out she got cheap on me ! :) Communting 80ish miles a week has more or less killed the bearings in the crank in 6 months. This is no bad thing because it gave me an excuse to splash out on something a bit sexy I'd seen in Halfords. I bought the Boardman Hybrid Pro after two months deliberating, mostly being put off by things I'd read on the internet about how incompetant some of the staff can be.
Thankfully the bike seems to have been built by somebody with a bit of savvy. To say im impressed with it is an understatement, much less effort to go considerably faster. That could have something to do with me only being able to compare it to the beast I've been riding for the last six months.But the Boardman Hyrbid Pro is a thing of great beauty if nothing else and at a shade over 10kgs is as light as a very light thing ! I think my old bike was easily twice the weight, lol :lol:
I've been mainly lurking on these boards for a few weeks, trawling through the threads, trying to find some posts that made me feel a tad more at ease about buying a £700 quid bike from Halfords/BikeHut. Just thought I'd add my two penneth and say that the Hull branch on St.Andrews quay seems to be a good 'un.



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    It's not all bad! :lol:

    Knowing the type of bike you want is the first key.

    The second is to get good service from your retailer.

    A good Halfords/Evans/whoever is as good as a good local shop

    A bad local shop is as bad as any bad.

    Welcome, keep pedaling!

    Giving it Large