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New bike for 13 year old

Andy AshworthAndy Ashworth Posts: 5
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I'm a mad keen mountain biker who's 13 and is 5ft 1inch. I have been looking for a new bike for ages! I've looked through the magazines, on the internet and in bike shops for one that I like and got a good rating. I am willing to spend between £450-£600 and I had decided to buy a genesis core 1.0. When my dad phoned my local bike shop to ask if they had the bike and if the smallest size would fit me(16 inches). He seemed to think that I would be too small to fit this size so I am very annoyed!!!!!!! Could anybody recommend a bike? I have a Trek 3700 at the moment with a 13 inch frame and I mainly do XC at places like the 7 Stanes, Highland wildcat trails and Laggan Wolftrax. I want to enter a race soon aswell but I'm not sure which race! My parents say I have a singletrack mind(Ha Ha) but I seem to be at a dead end!!! PLEASE HELP!

Thanks, Andrew


  • Andrew,

    it's worth taking a look at - proper MTBs and Cross bikes for young riders with wheel size from 20in. 24in, to 26in (and 700c if you count hte 'Cross bike). They're rigid so you'd want to chuck in a suspension fork for proper mountain biking, but drop owner/designer and multiple national cyclo-cross champion Isla Rowntree a line to lay out your exact needs.

    Other than that, Marin do a range of 13in frame sizes (and for your height, this is the ball-park of what you'll be needing to look at): the Hawk Hill SE at £579 may be worth looking at.

    I'll put my thinking cap on and see if can come up with any more right now.

    What Mountain Bike
  • Hi Andrew
    Assuming you're still growing, you might be wise to consider getting a 15 or 16in framed bike and slightly adapting it initially. Saddles can be set well forward (look at in-line seat posts), shorter stems can be fitted and riser bars can be angled back to change reach slightly. Most brands do decent 15 or 16in bikes and I reckon you should try sitting on that Genesis Core rather than taking someone's word for it. My daughter is 4ft 10in and is happy on a 14in bike.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Giant do sizes down to 14 inch, but unfortunately a big jump to the next size, a 17 inch. Steve makes a good point about still growing - I was less than 5ft at 13, now am 6ft! Best thing would be to go to a local shop and try a few out. Don't hesitate to ask them to alter the set up for you to try ie different stems and bars if need be.
  • caw35slrcaw35slr Posts: 439

    it's worth taking a look at - proper MTBs and Cross bikes for young riders with wheel size from 20in. 24in, to 26in (and 700c if you count hte 'Cross bike).

    I second that. My 8 and 10 year olds have Beinn 24 and 26 respectfully and I'm delighted with them. Islabikes also does smaller bikes too: a walk-along toddler bike a 14in and a 16in.
    They're rigid so you'd want to chuck in a suspension fork for proper mountain biking...

    I have to disagree with that - you'd be adding cost and weight to a very sorted package.

    Isla's philosophy is to build kids bikes for kids, so she deliberately leaves suspension forks off the design and fits a much lighter ally fork instead. Her rationale is that small children are generally too light to warrant suspension even for "proper mountain biking".Try running your tyres at lower pressures than your Dad's, there's plenty of suspension there.

    I think she's got it absolutely right - the build quality is stunning and the component selection is spot on. The one thing I would note is that the Beinn's come with a standard tyre that is not up to anything worse than a prepared trail. If you want to get muddy then specify proper off-road tyres for a tenner more. Don't buy the "personalised name transfer". It's a very expensive sticker that doesn't last.
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    A little OT here though but i'm sure i'm not the only one to be impressed by that first post. with most younger posters you can barely read the post let alone get a question out of it.
    nice one andrew.
  • Yo Andrew

    Im was in a similar situation but with a trek 4300. Im also 13 but im 5ft 3 (160cm) and ive ride an 18inch frame . Its fine, your too tall for 13 or 14 inch and your probably going to a have a grouth spurt soon any way.

    Also theres not much point in spending £500 on a bike if your current bike is worth £200 You wont notice an awful lot in the way of making your ride more comforatble or faster.

    What I would recommend is sticking with your current bike and waiting until you have grown and have enough money to buy a full sus. Get a paperound of something.

    Hope it helps

  • I've got a paperround! £15.75 a month. I'm racking in the dough.
    I'm 13! I'm a bit taller though, i'm 5ft 11.
    If I were you I'd get a 17inch frame, then grow into it.
    Nice to see more youth around these forums.
    Me like trials biking me do
  • Thanks for everyones help!
    I have a paper round and I get about £10 a week so I might save up for something a bit more expensive!
    I was looking at a Saracen Zen 1
  • hi andrew

    i recommend a scott voltage they cost around £300 for a basic one and up to £1249 for the top model , they fit me and im 13 and roughly 5ft even if you do grow out of the 16 inch theyll do for a jump bike im currently saving up for one !

    good luck in finding the right bike

  • I just tried a saracen zen 1 yesterday and I really liked it! :D
    It seemed like a good bike
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