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I have just looked on your routes page, and see all distances are marked in kilometres. Correct me if I am wrong, but in Britain the official measurement of road distances is the MILE. So can you please explain to me why you prefer to use kilometres? Do you think it is trendy? Or perhaps you are trying to help foreign riders in this country (must be milions, surely...) who do not understand that the km is 5/8 mile.

Apart from the fact that, to me a kilometre is a cut price mile, what is the point? :(


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    whyamihere wrote:
    Go onto one of the routes, and click the option for miles under the route information on the left. Then, when you click on routes again, all of them will be in miles.

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    OK, but why do you put them in kilometres in the first place? (Am I missing something here?)
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    Yes you could very possibly be missing something. You obviously are ignorant of the fact that people outwith the UK are entitled to use this website aswell. The Metric system for a long time now has been the numeric system of choice for a lot of countries, except for the Uk and the USA mainly.

    Very pointless thread, pretty clear that it can be changed but still you are questioning it? Pff just silly.

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    Neil2oo7 wrote:
    Very pointless threadl

    Agreed. Thread locked
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