Sealed Hub Bearing Maintenace?

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I noticed that my rear Scirocco was a bit rough when rotating it the other day. There is a small amount of lateral movement but there is also quite a gritty feel and noise when the wheel rotates normally. I thought I could take them apart, clean them, relube and refit.

To that end I took the wheel off, the cassette off and then the axle ends. The cassette sprockets were atrociously dirty so they are currently soaking to degrease them. I then managed to get the non cassette body side off and the cover plate but the sealed bearing catridge is firmly still in the hub body.

Is it possible to get it out, from each side? Or am I attempting the impossible here?


  • Smokin Joe
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    They can to be drifted out, but they are sealed for life and when they start to go home replacement is the only option, as with cartridge BBs.
  • Gr.uB
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    With the wheel fitted in the frame in the normal manner, there is definite movement sideways. This is obviously not right and possible an indication of an 'internal' issue with the hub?
    These Campags have only done about 8,000 miles and have never been trued as they are still sound - but that doesn't seem like very good value to me :x
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    8000 miles is fine - depends upon what weather you've used them in - just get new bearings and refit - I had a set of Mavic 501's that used cartridge bearings (many moons ago) that went rough - got a better set from BSS (bearing specialist). Easy re-fit.

    You should be able to knock them out - but get replacements before doing that.

    You can get lateral play with cartridge bearings if the adjusting locknut's aren't tight - it's not quite the same as with cup and cone - easy to adjust but you need them done just right.

    My Kysriums had a little lateral play - so adjusted the non drive side to tighten the bearings slightly - although they have some sort of 'pre loaded' washer system inside - but just needed a slight tighten. If rough as well - then that's new bearings.
  • Gr.uB
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    Yep, dropped them out last night, one of the sealed bearings was quite rough.
    Also found the cassette freewheel cog spring wire was snapped so I will replace that too.
    I had to drop them out to know what size to get so I have put the Mavic Cosmic wheel off the TCR onto the MonstaThorn commuter now - swapped cassettes and everything - bit of a pain but at least I know I am not going mad and there was a problem internally with the hub.