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Hello this is a follow on from a previous post. Sorry to be a pain.

As a novice to all this I have been doing work on the turbo for the past couple of months and just want to make sure I am doing it right.

When holding at 80% - 90% of my MHR for 20 - 30 mins my breathing is fine only real problem I have is hurting at the top of my legs this might sound obvious but should this be the case???

Any advice welcome


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    Go on then, Hothead, I'll answer this......... you're obviously impatient because no one in Training has bitten yet. :wink:

    What do you mean by "hurting at the top of my legs"? Do you mean your quads, the big, powerful thigh muscles above your knees that provide the vast majority of your cycling power? Or do you mean somewhere else? (I wouldn't describe my quads as being at the top of my legs.)

    If you mean your quads, then it sounds as though your doing some good training. Work those muscles hard, then have some rest and recovery, and you should find your cycling performance improving.

    If you mean your legs hurt somewhere else, then I think maybe you should have a look at your position.

    Hope that helps,