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Sutton Park, Birmingham - Skeleton Hill?

PTHPTH Posts: 4
edited March 2008 in Routes
Hi, i was reading the Wikipedia entry for Sutton Park which references "Skeleton Hill".

Does anyone know where this is? Enquiries through official routes have led nowhere.



  • CpsCps Posts: 356
    I have used the park for years and have never heard that hill mentioned.

    Have you asked the question on the forum on

    You get a more locals on that who will know the answer if there is one!!!
  • PTHPTH Posts: 4
    No, i haven't tried; i'll head there now.

    Thanks for your help.
  • I've often wondered this.

    The only place that springs to mind when i read Skeleton, is the really rooty downhill section with three steps and a gate at the bottom. Its hardly a downhill course, just a very, very short technical section. :

    at the top of the road that leads to the boat house, before it starts going down the hill away from the boat house, there is a trail on the right. its down there.

    Cant be that though surely. :shock:

    Theres only another two good bits in the park that go downhill, they are short as you can imagine and are no where near a 'downhill course'. Just downhill trails.
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  • PTHPTH Posts: 4
    Following CPS's suggestion i had a look on the Chase Trail's forum (couldn't register - couldn't answer the anti-spam question :roll: ) and found this:

    The jumps mentioned are somewhere in the region of the Boat House. Unfortunately (?) i'm getting married in a couple of weeks so cannot risk any kind of injury, but will certainly be exploring further after that.
  • haha, I had trouble with that question as well!

    Yeah those jumps up the road from the boat house are great. Theres a giant one (pictured in the that thread, bit different know, its a drop to a massive double about 20ft wide) two pretty big doubles that are real speed suckers and hard to clean both, another smaller double that is sometimes a TableTop jump which is great for learning on, then there is another bombhole/double/semi table jump there which is good for learning tricks off.

    Never heard it called the Skeleton, and theres no decent downhill track there.
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  • dupontdupont Posts: 4
    Off topic a bit, but does anyone have an idea of how long it would take me to cycle all around the outskirts of Sutton Park and does anyone have a good route for this?
  • CpsCps Posts: 356
    There is no easy route that tracks the outline of the park because of some boggy meadow lands, the railway line, golf courses and the lakes.

    Best thing is to 'feel' your way around - there are loads of different paths to follow do it either clockwise or anti and just follow the well trodden paths - until they run out!

    A circuit would take about 40 mins
  • dupontdupont Posts: 4
    Thanks very much. I'll give it a go next Sunday.
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