first fall today!!!...oucchhh!

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taking a corner a little fast...back wheel slipped away......rash hurts doesnt it!!!!!


  • Doobz
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    deffo does mate.. where abouts on your body did you get it? most common place is the hip, Calf and elbow..
  • stueyc
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    elbow,shoulder,hip and knee down onto calf....pretty lucky really it was sat morning and traffic very light......main thing is bike is in one piece...just a few scrapes on the right brake and hood.....tights and jacket ripped but can be replaced

    amazing really how much motorists help...i was picking myself up in the middle of the road,cars just driving round me...even one guy had the audacity to hit his horn!...has you can guess i didnt take this as well as i could of!!
  • pjh
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    Get some hydrocolloid plasters from Boots ... better than letting everything get scabby and itchy!

    I fell off a couple of weeks back (got a nasty rash on my knee) ... plasters have worked really well .... healed very cleanly and quickly!

    DON'T go near any of those second-skin or 'spray-on' plasters!!! You'll think you poured vinegar all over the wounds!!! (A kind word of warning from someone who did it ... waaaahhh :D )

    It's great to be .....
  • thetrotter
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    If you ride a bike for any length of time you will fall off. You can always tell serious riders by the scars on their knees, hips and elbows. Doesn't make it any less painful but everyone does it. Just make sure that you have supplies of bandages and plasters at home. 8)