first road shoes and pedals

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Looking to finally buy my first road shoes and pedals... some quick googling brought me here - Sette New Ximo Road shoes with Wellgo MG-8 road pedals. I'm looking for a decent shoe/pedal combination but can't be spending too much... that's why I liked this one for it's price of US $70 for both. Seems like a good deal.

Has anyone had any experience with these (or recommend any others I can get in the US)? Also, what's sizing like on these, pretty true to what they have listed?



  • Dunedin397
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    My first clipless pedals were Wellgo's, but not that model. They were well made and they're basically the Shimano SPD system.

    I've no idea about the shoes I'm afraid, but the general advice is to always try them before buying as the fit is everything.

  • Craigbes
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    I recently bought myself my first pair of clipless road shoes & peddles. They were Shimano R540 pedals & RO85 road shoes. Both are at the budget end but for a first they seem to be the business. Ive done about 20 trips with no problems.
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    I would try before you buy, (as sidi are a narrow/ small fit and shimano are a wide fit).If you're going to be spending hours in them you need to make sure they're comfortable . there are plenty of shoe and pedal manufacturers out there, just depends how much you've got to spend.
  • Craigbes
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    With regards to the above reply. Sidi are narrow as he says. I am 6'2" and 16 stone and have wide feet which suit my shimano shoes. Try B4 U buy. Its the ony way.