HELP! - 1st Bike Advice (BH?)

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I am looking at taking up cycling and I would like some advice on which bike I should purchase. I am so confused as to which bike is the best, I have spent hours on the internet and I have came across a few different options:

- BH BIKES RACE ONE 105 L31 Triple 2008 (£650)
- ORBEA Asphalt Gavia 2008 (£700)
- GIANT SCR 1.0 2007 (£650)
- Cannondale CAAD5 Tiagra 2007 (£550)

I have picked these bikes because they seem excellent value, the BH, ORBEA and GIANT all have Shimano 105's fitted but the Cannondale only has Shimano Tiagra's. Is there much difference between the two types?

I seem to be leaning towards the BH as I have seen this bike in the flesh and it looks really good value, but I have never seen any reviews so could anyone tell me if they are OK or am I on wrong track all together?

Thanks, any advice welcome :?


  • DavidTQ
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    Ive got the Giant SCR 1.0 use it for 14 miles a day commuting I was sold on it the first time I rode it, The comfort and fit were perfect. Ive done over 2000 miles on it and never regretted it, however bike fit and suitability are very personal things, depending on your use and tastes etc etc, really the only way to tell for sure is to ride it... 105 is well worth having over tiagra in my opinion I feel it shifts smoother, which makes the bike more pleasant to ride long term.
  • Spatri
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    Thanks for the quick reply, I think I'll have another look at the SCR. I suppose it might be the safer option as I know it has very good reviews. I just thought the spec of the BH looked equally as good but on second thoughts it might be a gamble?

    Also thanks for the advice on the 105's I will definately stick with them.
  • Cajun
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    The best money you WILL EVER spend on a bike will be getting yourself fitted. No frame will ever be acceptable if it doesn't fit you properly with the seat-tube AND TOP TUBE lengths. Why buy clothing, shoes, etc. that are not the correct size???? 'Almost" fits will not suffice after 100miles....
  • Alibran
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    My LBS sells BH bikes, and they say they're very good bikes and very good value. I've been considering them very seriously too, and I don't think you'd go far wrong with one, if you've tried it out and you like it.

    Having said that, I think I'm going to end up with a Trek, but that's only because I've tried out the one I'm thinking of getting, and it seems to suit me perfectly.
  • Spatri
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    I am going to give the BH and the SCR a test run tomorrow, so I guess my decision will be made then. I hear alot of people saying that getting it fitted is the main thing, so I will make sure that I buy the best fitting bke. Watch this space....