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2 London Couriers & HGVs in one day

woodford2barbicanwoodford2barbican Posts: 1,505
edited March 2008 in Campaign
I am not a courier and not normally one to post in campaign.

Earlier this weeek, two couriers were run over by HGVs in one day, one of them is very seriously injured, the other seems to have been luckier. So far the only good thing to say is that neither of them are dead. I see one of them around and about hence my personal interest.

As for posting it in campaiign, I have done so as I have seen little awareness of these events on the forum. There was a post in commuting but it has dropped off the bottom. I feel that we have so many newbies trawling through the site that this should be put in a slower moving category so that as many people read it as possible.

To me it has brought home the real dangers that cyclists face, which should not be overstated, but we should be aware of them.

There are some truly chilling pictures here of what an HGV can do to a bike, this is the bike of the less injured rider. ... ed/#Item_0

There is a collection being taken up for them at the Moving Target site, the details of this are contained in this thread. ... mment_5206

I am going to donate because one day I hope to see Effri around and about with his bullhorn bars
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