Helmet to use for TT???

hothead Posts: 123
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As I dont have a TT Helmet and only have a standard Giro Pneumo what are the thoughts of using this for a TT or is it just worth wearing a cap back to front?

Would a standard helmet not be suitable?


  • Mog Uk
    Mog Uk Posts: 964
    Most if not all organised TT's will require you to wear a helmet so not sure the backwards cap is an option..

    Your Giro will be fine.....
  • BeaconRuth
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    Sorry to contradict you Mog, but if it's a time trial run under CTT rules, there's no requirement to wear a helmet unless you're under 18.

    But Mog is right that the ordinary helmet will do just fine unless you're worried that a handful of seconds is going to be critically important to you............... in which case I would imagine you would've bought an aero one...................