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Apologies if this has already been covered. Did some searches but could not find what I was looking for.

Can someone please help in relation to cycling shorts. I am looking for advice / recommendation on the following:

* shorts that provide comfort over distance (so padded sounds good) &
* looking for something that I can wear under a normal pair of shorts to stop any inner leg rubbing. Existing shorts run up the inside of my leg and cause pain over distance.

Thanks in advance....


  • Rich Hcp
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    DHB from Wiggle are good budget ones.

    Get padded.

    Bibs are better for long distance (see other thread)

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    Best to wear padded shorts without any underpants. This was recommended on a thread on here a few years ago and honestly it is much more comfy without sweaty ridge from pants rubbing your skin under the shorts.
  • Mike59
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    I use Endura Coolmax padded shorts under normal shorts. They're a cotton mix (I think) rather than lycra, and v. comfy.

    Linky : ... d%20Briefs
  • would definatly go for bib sorts they stay where they should and especially on long rides. be carefull of some ofthe more expensive shorts as some have cut down padding for racing and probably wont give you the padding you are looking for .although on more expensive shorts the padding is broken down into smaller panels which can offer better comfort. i agree endura are great shorts and great value for money
  • heavymental
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    Endura bib shorts. Nothing over the top or underneath. Sorted.
  • Thaks for all the ccomments. I was looking at the Endura and would prefer to wear something padded under normal shorts when cycling long distance.

    Do the Endura Coolmax stay fixed on your leg to stop normal shorts running up your leg and causing irritation?
  • Harry B
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    Endura bib shorts. Nothing over the top or underneath. Sorted.

    Not even a tee shirt :shock: That would get some strange looks, not least from the offspring
  • Are the Endura Xtract shorts any good?
  • cee
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    lidl's are doing their cycle stuff starting 10.03.08, so cycle shorts (coolmax padded) and trousers are a fiver!
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  • Mike59
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    Do the Endura Coolmax stay fixed on your leg to stop normal shorts running up your leg and causing irritation?
    Yep. They do with me. Never have any problem with irritation, rash etc. 8)
  • heavymental
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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by the rubbing thing? If you're getting rubbing then the best thing is to remove as much fabric from the equation as possible. A pair of decent quality shorts (sorry...but not Lidl) will stay in place and provide padding and comfort without any movement/abrasion. No need to wear anything over the top.

    Oh and Harry, I like the 70's wrestling look so I wear my bibshorts with nothing else except tall boots and a headband. 8) :lol:
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    if I had not got some old evans team kit hand me downs I would have got some of the dhb Earnley Cycling Bib Shorts

    here is the link. also has some reviews at the end ... id=Frogoog
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    What about for the larger sized rider looking for comfort? I'm using cycling to help get the weight down, but keep running into the soreness and I can't seem to find anywhere that does my size. Anyone have any advice on where might do the bigger sizes?

    Sorry to add a new question to the thread, just seemed logical place.
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