turbo trainer won't fit new bike!

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I used to have an old Halfords steel road bike that fitted a turbo trainer I was lucky enough to be given, fitted no problem

I have now upgraded my bike to a Specialized Allez and the back wheel wont fit into the turbo trainer lugs, the quick release mechanism is much larger

My question is a) has anyone else had this sort of problem, and b) does anyone know a workaround

thanks in advance


  • mozwyn69
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    The tubo trainer should have come with it's own back wheel quick release / skewer as the standard bike one wont fit.
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  • fluff.
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    use the old bike? Or buy the cheapest qr skewer you can just for turbo use.
  • Lagavulin
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    Has the turbo not got its own specific quick release? My Tacx came with one that is oversized compared with a conventional wheel QR I'd use out on the road.
  • milese
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    I had this problem when I got a second hand turbo trainer without the skewer, and the skewer on my bike was too bulky. I just stuck an old MTB skewer on which fits fine, happened to be a shimano LX one.
  • wilkies80
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    My cyclops came with a QR skewer. Make sure you haven't thrown it out or just use the one on your old bike .
  • on2wheels
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    thanks for the advice, much appreciated