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Help buying a new bike please...

hads78hads78 Posts: 8
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Hi all, this is my first post in this forum, but I expect it to be the first of many!

So first off hello! :)

Anyhow, I am looking buy a mountain bike on cycle to work. I am a road rider and have done a fair bit of mtb stuff when I was younger so I am a confident rider and am looking for a hard-tail as I would be happy handling one and the components are generally better. However, being a roadie, I have absolutely NO idea what to get.

I think I have narrowed down to 3 choices in the 700-800 pound region:

Giant's XTC 2.5 - The most expensive, but I like the poploc system and it has XT Shadow: ... 1b0s2p3064

Marin's B-17 - Wish I could afford the Rocky Ridge, but I can't. This come's with free lifetime servicing and 130mm of travel which I think'd be better for chucking about the place, however is SRAM X-7 any good?

And I am keeping an open mind about Genesis's Core 30. They seem to be making big footprints from what I have read, and this bike looks pretty well spec'd. Are the adjustable forks and good? Will the bike stand some fairly rough handling?

Marin and Genesis here: ... 7&group=32

Basically these are the 2 places I am limited to getting my bike from as I get 10% off both places. Also to give you an idea I am looking at around 7-800 pound, no higher than 800. And I am looking to do XC with some lightish DH stuff plus the odd couple feet drop now and then.

Any advice on the three I have narrowed down or any suggestions on bikes from these dealers I maybe haven't considered would be very much appreciated.



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Marin B-17
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Giant XtC 2.5
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Genesis Core30
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Something else - see post below
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  • hads78hads78 Posts: 8
    Well I appreciate the one person has voted so far :) hehe

    Seriously though please take second to at least vote if not post your opinion :)

    Thanks all
  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320
    Starting to slowly look like the Giant is favorite! :lol:

    X7 is srams 3rd from top X9 and X0 better I believe, don't know how it compares like for like with shimano though, have never used it but 1:1 indexing instead of 2:1

    Unfortunately my work computer is so slow I cant comment on rest of bike specs, it would take me till about midnight to follow links!
  • hads78hads78 Posts: 8
    Yeha it is looking that way... which is a disappointment because it's a bigger hole in my pocket :evil:

    That said it is cycle to work so I can hardly complain... Will Cost about 450 quid once I get the savings on it!

    The thing that concerns me the most about the Giant is that I weigh just over 16 stone and it doesn't look like the kind of bike intended to be dropping off things at half decent speeds. I am only talking a foot or 2 but even so... 100mm travel isn't a lot from what I've read, which is why I am leaning in the direction of the B-17 still.

    But if anyone can confirm that the Giant will handle a couple hours of being chucked about without either it or my spine and wrists getting wrecked then it definitely seems the better bike...

    Also I should mention I am half considering the GT IDrive Full Suss at halfords but I think this would be money wasted considering the quality of HT I am looking at at the price...
  • hads78hads78 Posts: 8
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Have you tested them?
  • hads78hads78 Posts: 8
    supersonic wrote:
    Have you tested them?

    Actually I haven't. I suppose that would be the most important thing. I think the 3 bikes are all fairly close in spec so I guess ur driving at finding out which one feels best?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Yep! Spec is one thing, but if you dont like the geometry you are buggered. The XTC is quite different to the marin.
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    Sonic has hit the nail right on the head. The geo is massively different on both bikes - I can vouch for - Marin (not a word SS :lol: ) great frames and a decent spec list for the price - but as before you really must try to get a test on each... it's a bit hit and miss buying full bikes on-line which I know is sometimes the only way.

    Have you any marin/giant dealerships in you vicinity?
  • hads78hads78 Posts: 8
    Yeah these 2 bike shops are in walking distance of my workplace actually. I guess as much as the personal aspect of the geo I was wondering which of the bikes geo's would be best for what I want to do.

    It is hard to explain but I kinda just want to do a little bit of everything. Primarily to attack some XC and maybe even a race or 2, but also to head out to some trails and have the confidence in my bike to not go 'oh sh*t' when I see a drop and get off my bike to find another way around becuase I am afraid of breaking it.

    Does that make sense?

    Anyhow, I'll arrange a couple test rides. What should I be looking for? Confort? Weigth? 'Flex'? or is it just a general 'getting a vibe' kinda thing?

    Sorry for being so noobish at this :)
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    It's very hard to tell or advise you what to look for in a bike as it's a personal thing.

    I personally look for weight, steer (I like my bike quite tight at the front end) then rear-end compliance in line with the fork. Standover is important so try a couple of sizes out - you need at least 2 inches to protect the family jewels and give you more control.

    Don't get too bogged down in the details, just get on it, ride it and you'll just 'know' if you like it or not... and after trying a few you'll have a clear favourite.

    The Marin's frame (I have an Indian Fire Trail which is very similar geo) is good for general XC, and can be thrown around a bit, it's not classic race geometry (longer frame, lower BB)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    having looked at the specs for all of the bikes, i think the marin would be closer to your requirements. it is a more sturdy list of components and the frame looks tougher too.

    the other bikes look abit less likely to cope with drops and there is no substitute to having the feeling of security under you when tackling trails.

    that said, you should really try to atleast swing a leg over the marin before you buy it.
  • hads78hads78 Posts: 8
    Well thanks all for your help :)

    I got to the shops and tried them all. I felt that the Giant didn't have the beef that I was looking for, I really don't think I would have been very confident on it.

    Having tried the Marin and the Genesis, there was very little difference in the feel of the two, both felt pretty strong, and both were actually lighter than I expected.

    So baring in mind comments above and the fact that I get 2 free services per year, I went with the Marin.

    So it begins...

    Thanks again all :)
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